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All rights of admission are reserved

Dream Catcher Exclusive Companions is a South African registered company and as such is in line with all laws associated with ethical and legal business practices within South African Business Laws.

All dancers/companions/models and entertainers employed under Dream Catcher Exclusive Companions are 18 years of age and older.

You must be at least 18 years of age at the time you make a booking. By proceeding with your booking, you warrant, represent and undertake to Dream Catcher Exclusive Companions that you are at least 18 years old. If you are not at least 18 years old you are not permitted to book accommodation with Dream Catcher Exclusive Companions and no contract will be formed.

All payments must be made in full on arrival of your selected companion or a representative of the company Dream Catcher Exclusive Companions.

By booking our companions you are agreeing to ONLY book our dancers/companions/models and entertainers through Dream Catcher Exclusive Companions.

The client booking a performance or companion is responsible for the safety of our dancers/companions/models and entertainers which includes but is not limited to sexual advances from guests, verbal abuse, any drunk and disorderly behaviour or requesting personal details from your requested booking.

Dancers/companions/models and entertainers are not permitted to hand out business cards or personal numbers to either the responsible party for the booking or guests as Dream Catcher Exclusive Companions holds exclusive rights to staff represented under our company.

Any filming or pictures of any act or entertainment in a personal or business capacity is strictly prohibited.

Should the client(s) have any complaints about the dancer/companion/models/entertainer or the show, they must report this matter immediately to the agency through our provided contact numbers. Any matters reported after the day/evening in question is will no longer be substantiated.

Should the client cancel a booking, this needs to be done 5 business days or before the date of arrival. Should a cancellation be submitted after this time, the client is liable for 50% of the fee. Should cancellation be made the day of the due booking, the client will be liable for the full fee.

The client will provide either a CD player/USB sound system for their booked performance. The dancers/entertainers will provide their own music and choreography unless agreed before the day of the booking by Dream Catcher Exclusive Companions, the booked representative and the client.

Space must be provided which is safe and free of any hazards for the dancer/entertainer to perform in. We recommend a 4×4 metre space or larger. Lighting should be set to romantic for a better viewing experience.

The dancers/companions/models and entertainers may be booked for multiple shows and events at different venues on any given day and for this reason your booking must be allowed to perform right away upon arrival. Should for any reason the venue booked not be able to accommodate this request, the dancer/entertainer in some instances may have to leave and a full fee will be liable to the client/venue.

The client/venue agrees that any bookings made to Dream Catcher Exclusive Companions are confidential and the use of the performer are totally Dream Catcher Exclusive Companions property and any documentation, stage show performances, trade secrets, data, pictures, outfits and marketing information is owned by Dream Catcher Exclusive Companions.

In the unlikely event of an emergency, Dream Catcher Exclusive Companions reserves the right to replace a dancer with a dancer/performer in the same category and standard.  

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